Monument of Thao Suranari Built in 1934 and located in the center of the town, ThaoSuranari Monument is a memorial statue to the Thai heroine named by locals ‘Ya Mo’. Originally, ThaoSuranari was Khunying Mo, the wife of the assistant governor of NakhonRatchasima. In 1826, Chao Anuwong of Vientiane seized Korat and Khunying Mo rallied villagers to fight against Chao Anuwong’s troop. After the victorious battle, King Rama III promoted her to ThaoSuranari. So the statue is built to honor her warrior deed. Every year, during 23 March to 3 April, there will be a festival to remind people of her bravery, locals will sing Korat songs and other traditional folk music to celebrate, and lots of people from all over the country will visit the monument, pay homage and ask for blessings.

Thao Suranari’s monument is made of black copper. It is 1.85 meters high and is dressed in regalia in a standing posture. The right hand holds a sword and the statue faces west towards the capital of Bangkok. The monument base holds her ashes.


Thao Suranari Monument Square.
Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University (Nrru)

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